The next meeting of the head of the “El-yurt umidi” Foundation with the chairman of the German public union LOGO eV Hartwig Mennen. Аn important step for new goals

The foundation began negotiations with the organization in December 2018. In particular, from 10 to 15 December, Mr. Mennen, accompanied by the head of the Foundation, visited the country's higher education institutions in order to train specialists in the field of agriculture and study areas in which they needed to familiarize themselves with the educational process.

 The parties jointly reviewed the level of qualifications and training in the master's and doctoral programs over the past three months, as well as the opportunities offered by German companies to develop a Memorandum of Understanding.

At a meeting that took place on April 5 at the "El-yurt umidi" Foundation, a Memorandum of Cooperation, prepared in accordance with the requirements of the two parties, was signed. The long-term objectives of the memorandum are to organize internships for students of higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan, in leading companies and institutions in the field of agriculture and tourism in Germany.

Under the agreement, from the moment of signing the memorandum in 2019, LOGO EV will start offering training programs. It is planned to send 30-50 students to Germany this year on the basis of joint projects of the Union and the Foundation.

The objectives of the internship are the acquisition of knowledge in the field of specialization, the development of abilities (skills), the improvement of foreign language skills, the acquisition of intercultural experience and the expansion of students ’competences in order to improve their chances in their future working life.

The memorandum also identifies issues of financing joint projects:

All financial matters related to the stay of interns in Germany are covered by LOGO e.V.

- LOGO e.V provides a minimum cash payment (at least € 275) for interns, subject to compliance with the contract.

- The Foundation provides funding for transportation costs (airfare, transportation to the destination of the internship) in case the interns are citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan and a graduate student of one of the higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan

During the discussions, the parties agreed on the procedure, terms and conditions of contest for an internship, which will start from April 15.

Foundation press service